Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hawkish about Conservation

Conservation Hawks is an organization of hunters and anglers who are focused on the single biggest threat to our sport: climate change.

They've just released their latest video, Convergence, which will be the best 12 minutes of your day.

In conjunction with the video, they're running a prize giveway. You don't have to donate anything to get in on this, but you do have to put on your thinking cap and twitch your typing fingers a bit. Watch the film. Identify your favorite quote. Share the film on social media. Choose a prize. All the details are on their site. You have to get all this done by June 17th.

Of course, they're also trying to raise some money for future efforts. Friend of the blog, Bob White, runs a Musky Madness trip every year. It attracts all manner of people including the likes of John Gierach. You can get a chance to win for $25. You can get more chances if you give a more.

Fair warning: I'm entering the giveaway and I've got my eyes on... well, I'm not going to tell you what prize I want, but it's a good one. I also got my tickets for the Musky Madness raffle. May the best luckiest angler win.

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