Hidden Gems

Found some good stuff and need to put it somewhere, so here it is.
Pool Maps of the Farmington River  - If you're wondering where the Boneyard is versus Pipeline Pool versus Church Pool, here are two maps that are helpful.

Detailed Map of Farmington River Pools via Farmington River Watershed Association
High Level Map of Farmington River Pools via Finfollower
Pool Map of the Naugatuck River -- often overlooked because a) it runs through some ugly country, b) in the summer it warms up, and c) some say it smells (and some don't like it). That said, it fishes well in the spring and the fall. And believe it or not, someone actually went to the trouble to name the pools.
Naugy Pool Map
Places to fish in Connecticut -- this Google Map has all the Rivers and Streams in the Connecticut DEPs  Angler's Guide on an interactive map.
CT Angler's Guide
Free, Online Topo Maps