Saturday, July 31, 2010

A house without fishing gear!

Practically every stitch of fly fishing gear that I own is now with UPS heading towards Island Park, Idaho. Well, that's not entirely true, I still have some gear about, but if I were to try and head out to the stream this evening I would be hard pressed to scrounge up complete kit.

Next Saturday the family is off to the Yellowstone region for a week of communing with nature and trying not to get eaten by Grizzlies. We're not roughing it. We'll be staying at a B&B on Henry's Lake so I don't have to worry about a Grizzly popping into the tent in the middle of the night.

Looking forward to spending a day on the Gallatin River and we'll certainly pack the rods around with us to grab some small stream action during the day. Of course, there's also Henry's Lake in the evenings. Rainbow Trout and Brookies of immense size. Woohoo!

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