Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's raining!

Finally, it's raining.

The rain started today during our stream clean-up. We had about twenty volunteers who got pretty damp but helped to put a respectable pile of debris in a dumpster.

The rain is expected to last another day or so. I'll be making no complaints. The river gauges are starting to turn a color paler than bright red!

More water. More bugs. More trout.

Last night

UPDATE, Monday morning: Blue equals 90th Percentile flows! Now if it'll only keep raining.....

This morning


  1. Steve--I've never seen a flow map from the USGS? That's cool--can you share the link that shows how to call it up? I'd love to see one of these for Westchester CO.

    1. Here's the website:

      There's a drop down box on the upper right that allows you to select the state.