Saturday, May 26, 2012

Painfully Obvious Tip #7

When I'm fishing a small stream, I go pretty light. Sometimes I carry just a tool-draped lanyard and a small fly box. Most times it's a sling pack to carry two fly boxes and an easy place to store a camera but that's the most gear I'll carry. When the weather warms up I'll start wading wet but for now I wear a pair of cheap hippers.

The other night I caught a fat fourteen inch Brown and had hooked him in the upper jaw. It was a bit of a pain getting the hook out. It was deep twilight, almost dark. The angle was wrong. So it took a bit to get the hook out even with the aid of my head lamp.

As I was fumbling I considered wading to the bank to put down my rod but then I had a moment of brilliance clarity.

Which brings us to Painfully Obvious Tip™ #7:
When you're wearing hippers you always have a place to store your fly rod.


  1. I love those moments of my case, they usually come right after the moment of stupidity!

  2. I agree with Steve. Me too.


  3. Sad, I don't think I've ever had a moment of clarity.

  4. Have you found a solution for wading sans pants?

    1. That would be a trick, wouldn't it? Though sans pants, I would think of where to hold a fly rod would be a lower priority problem. :)

    2. Well, seems to me that the people pushing the boundaries of outdoor sports these days are going minimalist and doing it naked. If I stumble across any nudist colony fly fishing ranches (there's gotta be at least one out here in California), I'll be sure to take notes... and pictures. If I don't go blind first.

    3. Yeah, if this were a surfing crowd, that would have been fine. Fly anglers are..... a different body style.