Friday, November 16, 2012

ACTION: Peanut Bunker Need Help TODAY!

source: Menhaded Defenders
Menhaden, an important bait fish along the east coast, has been under attack for years by commercial harvesting. Menhaden stocks have declined 86% during the past three decades with a majority of that decline being attributed to fishing for the reduction industry: creating fish meal sold primarily to the aquaculture market.

Ironic: Wild populations are being decimated to feed fish raised in pens.

Today is the last day to get comments in on this important issue that protects the food for wild Stripers and Bluefish.

The Menhaden Defenders organization has put a handy tool out there to help you add your voice to the discussion. It only takes about 2 minutes to fill out the form and make your voice heard.

The regulations that you're asking to be enacted will ask for
  • 50 percent reduction in landings
  • Start date no later than the 2013 fishing season
  • New target of 30 percent MSP (maximum spawning potential) must be reached within three years
  • Consistent reporting in both the industrial fishery and the smaller bait fishery operating largely in New Jersey and Virginia
  • Allocation of the fishery to support small bait harvesters
These seem like reasonable and prudent actions given the status of this important resource.

Thanks for your support.

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