Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Save the Farmington, Send an Email

I just got the following email re: the petition I asked you to sign.
FRWA has had to suspend its online petition that was to be delivered to UConn Office of Environmental Policy about the MDC Proposal to provide Drinking water to UConn and Mansfield.  If you previously signed the FRWA petition, we cannot guarantee at this time that your comment (if any) will be forwarded. 

You may learn more about this proposal and send your comments directly to UConn by visiting this link:
Written comments should be sent to:
Name: Jason M. Coite
Agency: University of Connecticut – Office of Environmental Policy
Address: 31 LeDoyt Road, U-3055
Storrs, Connecticut 06269
Phone: 860-486-9305
Fax: 860-486-5477

Thank you all so much for responding so quickly to our action alert.  If you have any questions, please call us at the office at (860) 658-4442 or visit our website at  
Aimee Petras
Education and Outreach Coordinator
It looks like perhaps the State doesn't care about petitions and will only respond to emails. So, send an email to this address:

Here's the email I sent to Jason. Feel free to cut and paste into yours.
Subject:  Water Diversion for UCONN

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed water diversion from the Farmington River Watershed to supply UCONN and Mansfield with water. This sort of diversion is troubling not only in itself but also because of the long-term precedent that it sets. One only has to look west in places like the Colorado River drainage to see how overuse of resources harms watersheds. We should not start such a trend in Connecticut.
 Thanks for your support.


  1. I gather that you were speycasting instead of at the public hearing - any word on how that went down?

    1. The hearing, that is.

      (And the spey casting. Why not?)

  2. No word yet, but I did find out that the reason the Farmington River Watershed Association pulled their petition is it may violate a prior agreement with the MDC (which controls the reservoirs on the Farmington) not to harass them too much when they do stuff they're allowed to do. I'm not sure about the details so don't ask and I probably have that only half right. It was friend of a friend of an brother of a cousin's friend who told me. Ah the webs we weave.....