Thursday, January 24, 2013

Squeaky Snow

I don't know what conditions have to exist to make powdery snow squeak under foot but one condition is certainly "'friggin' cold". The thermometer reads "2" right now.

While I don't abandon the stream just because the mercury is low, today I'm dreaming of someplace warmer. Not in a tropical sense, but in a summertime in the mountains sense.

Running water cold and clear. Blue blues and green greens. And so little oxygen us flatlanders wheeze.

The things summer time dreams are made of.

The Big T up where it's small

Summit Lake, Mt. Evans.

A trib of the Big T. Should have fished that pool.....


  1. Very pleasant.
    Something to look forward to.

  2. Replies
    1. I think I need to spend more time at altitude so when I get there I can actually function. Of course, casting practice in lovely small streams will be part of the acclimatization.

    2. Great photos, Steve. I lived in Colorado for 10 years and I miss the Big T dearly.

      I hear ya on the weather, we've had single digit temps for weeks here in Idaho. Fortunately, it's looking like a quick Yucatan jaunt is on the immediate horizon.

    3. Yucatan Jaunt. Two sweeter words are not known in the english language.

  3. Steve, especially needed this post this morning. Not near as cold here on the Big T. today, but, still yearn for those special places and the right weather pattern and trout activity. Colorado awaits you again, Steve.

  4. I want to go home!!! By home I mean the west.... I am so glad that most people dream of tropical beaches and little umbrellas... leaves the truly beautiful places to us.

  5. Steve, I hope that when you get out our way you'll come visit Mel and I at 3Geezers Fly Shop!

    1. Of course. My next trip out will have to include a calling of the blogging clan.