Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Prayer

Almighty and everlasting God, omnipotent ruler of all that is, was, and will be;
In thine glorious righteousness thou have chosen to smote the unjust and wicked.
And whilst I recognize thine infallibility to rule everything under the heavens,
I still beseech you on behalf of my brethren and sistren who reside in that place marked as Colorado.
Spare them for their sins of plying the angle for Carp and other rough fishes,
For it is only in the brownline and slack waters that they may seek creatures that swim,
Lacking the soul quenching rains which you have seen fit to deprive them.
May it please you to return your healing waters to them so that they may return to proper angling
Forgoing the rough fish for the holier and fairer trout and char.
Bless them by quenching the fires that rage across their landscapes 
threatening home, health, and livelihood.
And in so doing, spare myself from the relentless friggin' rain 
which you have supplied in too great abundance, to your everlasting glory.

Too little water

Too much water


  1. II Condominiums Chapter 12

    And it was as the angler sought the presence of the bringer of rain that the smoke from unholy fire did burn his eyes, and the rain did fall as was foretold by the prophet Al Roker, yet the unholy smoke did thus spoil his aim by many furlongs. And it was on that day that rain did fall upon the Sipper of Emergers and his lost tribe whilst the fire did rage, and he was vexed in heart and spirit. Yet the power of sarcasm was strong in this land rife with much moving water, and the angler did in that day seek out a place to ply and found that there was none. So on that day he dideth that which was given to him to do and he got pissed drunk on scotch and did in that day smoke a cigar as a burnt offering, filled with visions that troubled him in that day.

  2. Anything in moderation is OK— Mom told us that from the get-go. So, why can't Mother Nature play nicely? Bitch.

  3. It's extremes everywhere you look. In weather, our politics, our lives. Ugh. I'll light a candle for Colorado... uh... wait.

  4. Wow! On behalf of every Colorado fly fishing blogger, thanks Steve and everyone else. That was touching enough to make me snuff out my MMJ.

    1. You're snuffing Michael Jackson? Isn't he dead already!? :)

      Hope you and yours are getting through this ok, Howard.

  5. From CO, thanks for the thoughts. It's weeks like this that make you second guess your choice of home. But then you wander into the woods, head down to the river or roll out the back door onto the trail and you realize there's nowhere else you'd rather be (except maybe MT). And so we stay, help our neighbors and hope for rain...

    1. Hope all is well. Despite folks take water from rivers to put on lawns and that half the state seems to be burning at any given moment, Colorado is on my short list of places to live before the dirt nap (though MT is pretty high on the list too). Praying for rain.