Friday, March 7, 2014

Ten bucks and a taco

UPDATE: The website seems to be a pit pokey due to volume of users. Don't give up if you don't get in. Give it a try a bit later. Also, you don't need to post below to get entered into the drawing. As long as you allow TU to see your contact info, you'll be entered into the drawing.

An odd title for a post to be sure.

What it is, is a request. For ten bucks. Not for me. For them. And you can get a chance to win a Simms taco!

There's a online fund raiser going on today, Friday, March 7th and only today.

This fund raiser is unique. Bank of America and the Fairfield County Community Foundation provide prizes and matching grants to organizations that reach certain milestones. Most of those awards, up to $25,000, reward the number of donations gathered, not the dollar amount. That's where your $10 comes in.

You can help the Candlewood Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited continue to provide the regions largest Trout in the Classroom program (31 tanks, 1,000+ kids), Youth Education Day, and conservation programs with a donation of $10. I think we can easily win the $1,000 matching grant. The bigger grants are within reach as well. But only if you help.

If you can spare $10 for a great cause, you'll make a lot of kids happy. And maybe you'll put a smile on your own face. And, I'll enter you in a raffle for one of the most innovative products to come out of the Simms laboratories: The Headwaters Taco Bag.

First, give ten bucks. It has to be today.

Second, let me now that you've given ten bucks by putting your full name (or first name and zip code) in the comments section below. I need some info to match with the donation records. I'll pick a winner at random on Saturday.

Thanks for your help!

No, you don't get waders and boots too. It's illustrative, dammit!

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