Thursday, May 15, 2014

Farm Pond Reconsidered

I now have a chauffeur. It's an extravagant expense but I'm worth it. My eldest son got his driver's license last summer and now drives whenever we share the car. It's a nice break after more than a decade of being his chauffeur and it gives him time behind the wheel to hone his craft. Before long Sam will be taking his turn at the wheel and I'll be doing even more gazing at the countryside as it slides by.

Coming home from church last Sunday, I told Chris to stray from the usual route. Sam knew where we were going and before long Chris, a reluctant angler, let out a groan. He pulled the car over as instructed when we got to the pond.

Read the rest of the story at Hatch Magazine.

I'm going to be writing a story once a week for Hatch Magazine the next month or so. I'll publish links to that story here each week. 


  1. Good story, Steve! I love ponds and all the rewards that come forth. Good luck with your trout from the pond.

  2. Thx Mel. I'm getting the kayak out this weekend to reach those slurps at the center of the pond!

  3. That record screech was perfect. Great story and enjoy the passenger side.

  4. Of course, that metaphor begins to date us. (though my son does have a turntable and a few albums. Old School.)