Monday, June 16, 2014

A busy spring season

It's been a transitional time here at Sipping Emergers. As you've noticed my posts are fewer lately owing mostly to a very busy personal and professional life. The little writing I have been doing has appeared over on Hatch Magazine or been submitted to The Drake or The Flyfish Journal for printing on dead trees. Getting a check for writing is satisfying in many ways not the least of which is the bump in the bank account that partially offsets all those angling purchases one is inclined to make from time to time. I still write here when time permits and I'll certainly point you to articles that are published elsewhere on the intertubes.

While I've been busy with other things others, besides you, have been judging my writing. Earlier this month, the Outdoor Writers Association announced the winners of its 2014 Excellence in Craft Awards. I won four awards; one for an article on stoneflies in The Drake and three for pieces that appeared on this blog.

The Award Winners

Additionally, the piece titled The second to last summer won a President's Choice Award as one of the six best for the year. As my buddy Jonny says, I'm now an award winning writer of some acclaim which I suppose means my fifteen minutes of fame are up.

Back to our regular programming

In case you missed it two weeks ago, I wrote a bit about a milestone in my fishing career. A picture tells a thousand words, but you can also find 600 additional words about the event over on Hatch Magazine.


  1. Congratulations, Steve. Well deserved and those pieces are rare finds on the web. Well done.