Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Pear Tree

It's fly tying time of the year, though I am going to get out and scout a small stream in a bit. Despite it being well below freezing I can't help but be outdoors when the possibility of catching a trout exists.

One material I love to use on flies is partridge. I'm always looking for patterns to add it to and tips for using this versatile material. I recently stumbled on the video below. It's the basics of using partridge. While I think I've got these covered, I wish I had these tips when I first started tying. So, if you're new to soft hackles, give it a quick watch. Not only are these tips good for partridge, but the techniques can also be used with other soft hackle materials (e.g. starling).

One place where I disagree with the video is on packaged/strung partridge feather. Don't buy it. For $3 you'll get a package containing two useful feathers plus two ounces of useless fluff. I recommend buying a skin for about $30. It will last you years. If anyone knows of a supplier of strung partridge that is any good, please share.

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