I got out the other evening with Ross for a quick fishing trip. I was hopeful that some prior sitings of Sulphurs would mean a nice hatch on a small stream near the house. When we got to the river there were fish working steady in several spots and while we tempted a few to the surface to our flies none got on the hook.

Flows were very low for this time of the year and water temps were relatively high at sixty degrees though still well within fishable range. The rain we had yesterday was just a start. Clearly, we need more rain (though not when I want to fish).

We moved upstream to a pool that has lot of fish but also a lot of over hanging brush. After having made several sacrifices of flies to the bushes, Ross decided to watch me fish for a while. No fish were rising but I did get a small, wild Brown on a caddis pupa dropper.

We then worked our way back to the car putting a few casts to each likely spot as we walked down. I managed a second Brown about the same size as the first in the last pool. I wish I could say it was my perfect presentation but he took the fly as it skittered across the surface as a I began my back cast. Sometimes luck trumps skill.