Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Sip: Protect Connecticut Rivers

I got this email from TU today. Thought it was worth passing along. Basically this bill would prevent the DEP Commissioner from applying water regs to economic development activities. What a bunch of nut jobs we've got in Hartford (okay, maybe not as bad as those guys in Montana). Link below to send email to State Reps.

Connecticut Rivers in Jeopardy

Connecticut's rivers and streams and the trout that inhabit them are in jeopardy.

In a surprise move, lobbyists working for opponents of statewide streamflow regulations have introduced legislation that would repeal a 2005 law protecting our rivers and streams.

Bill 1020: An Act Concerning Water Resources and Economic Development will be discussed in a public hearing of the legislature's Commerce Committee.

This bill threatens to reverse the work we have done over the past 5 years and delay implementation of regulations meant to keep our river's flowing naturally during the hottest summer months - protecting trout and the entire river ecosystem.

As a member of Trout Unlimited and committed conservationist, please join us in taking action today to protect our local rivers.
TAKE ACTION: Send email to State Reps

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