Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Sip

Been insanely busy at work due to that vacation I took last week. Hopefully I will return to a normal level of rambling thoughts in the next day or so.

I found out this evening that the residential fee for a California Sport Fishing License is $43.46.  Two-Day Non-resident: $21.86. Second Rod License (whatever the hell that is): $13.53.

Who came up with these numbers? Haven't they heard of rounding in California? There must be some crazy voter proposition (probably Proposition 3.14159265) that prohibits the state from rounding up when preforming any calculations related to fees.

A quick survey of other state's resident fees where rounding is allowed:

Connecticut: $28.00
Taxachusetts: $27.50 (which is $0.50 lower than CT just to try and dispel the rumor that they tax and fee the hell out of you up there)
Arkansas: $10.50
Colorado: $26.00
Arizona: $23.50

See, a zero is supposed to be the last digit in any fee. Putting a six or a three in there is just plain insane!

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