Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Sips

More teasing signs of
Spring along the flood
blasted banks of the
  • So much for "Take only pictures, Leave only footprints", three lovely stories of idiots in the woods: man signs petroglyphs, frat boys make road, man makes road to archeological site. I'd like to think beer was involved in at least two of the three and it wasn't just general stupidity. Odds are, I'm wrong.
  • All together now (in the voice of Carly Simon, with visions of ketchup in our heads --- the younger crowd and those from Scotland may not get this) "An-ti-ci-pation, An-ti-ci-pa-a-tion, it's making me wait....". Where the hell is Spring?! Forsythia are barely beginning to show their color. The Bluegills aren't in the shallows. Stripers are few and far between. The Maple trees have had that red anticipatory "glow" for weeks now but are in some sort of stasis. I even made the call when I saw the Crocus' last weekend. Crap! I need Spring to get on with it. Of course, we're decamping to North Carolina next week. Perhaps we can find Spring along the Blue Ridge. Or at least a few Brook Trout.
  • Going down to Florida for funeral this evening. My grandfather died last weekend at the age of 85. He lived a good life and worked and golfed right up until the end. Let's all hope we have as much healthful longevity and die doing what we love.

There must be some trout in here somewhere!

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