Monday, May 9, 2011

The smell of the ocean

One couldn't ask for fishier weather
I have stood in the brine and it smells of skunk.

My first fly rod outing for Stripers was a good primer on tactics and tackle courtesy of my buddy Jon but it was fishless courtesy of half-million Striped Bass that decided to be elsewhere.

Well, that isn't exactly true, we did see a handful of bass caught, mostly by guys chucking hardware and I did get a few violent, fishy tugs on the line, but nothing hooked up and nothing got to the net.

None of that, however, has prevented me from being fully enamored with this new dimension of the sport. It is the antithesis of trout fishing and it has some appeal. There's nothing stealthy or delicate about casting a six inch fly sixty feet and it is a joy!

I've often found trout fishing relaxing due to my zen like approach. Mostly I'm fishing small streams and I'm being the uncarved block -- seeking quiet and simplicity and the interaction with all aspects of the nature of the thing (and hopefully catching a fish or two).

Fishing the salt is full contact. It's mixed martial arts vs yoga. Much fun.

I'm not throwing away my 4wt rods anytime soon but I am pining for a return to the salt. The call of the deep has been heard.


  1. Glad you see it this way. At least it has one clear trait in common with trout fishing - sometimes you catch nowt!

    Enjoyed it too. Tonight I go to my local skinny water to see if they're popping on top (where the trout stream meets brine...)


  2. I think I can probably get you into some fish. I think your problem was the people you went with.

  3. T.J. - Interesting you mention that. I was with the very same individual when I went fishless on the Salmon River. Coincidence?

  4. Now your cookin.If you think that's full contact,wait till you fish the open surf and get hit by a couple trains.The harder it is the better it feels.I love it when mother nature tries to hammer you and you still come out with the prize.That's living baby! .....waterworker

  5. Steve - it's hardly coincidence. I catch A LOT of VERY LARGE fish, but if you asked him, he'd never know it because it never happens when I'm with him...only when I'm alone.

  6. Which is why you're an expert. ;)