Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too much water and Rabbit's Feet

I suppose there are things worse than wet springs. Dry springs, certainly. Deep, snowy winter, absolutely. But wet springs are frustrating. We're so close to realizing good fishing but it's just out of reach. We're teased by the few days where water levels are acceptable and just as soon as we think the good days are here the skies open again and water that was reasonable turns dangerous.

Like most folks, I fish the large water when it just starts to rain (before it gets off color) and then when the large rivers come up I go to a trib where the water is coming down. With so much rain, it's not been possible to employ such a strategy. The water is just high, high, high. Of course, if you live someplace where the record breaking snowpack is lurking your water is going to be high and off color for quite some time and I suppose I shouldn't complain.

To amuse myself on these rainy days I've gotten caught up on some work including managing our TU chapter's website. I added a "Fly of the Month" section last month and wanted to put a video in there. So, below is my first fly tying video creation. As with most things, I got a bit carried away producing the thing but until the rivers come down I have the time.

Let me know what you think. If you have a pattern you'd like me to attempt for the next one, please feel free to suggest it.


  1. Dear Mr Zakur,

    Please: what exactly is a "good sized hunk"? My wife wants to know if I qualify.

    Yours, in expertize,

    English Jonny

  2. You are of a fair size. The whole "hunk" thing I leave to the lovely. It's wholly subjective and I wouldn't want to either perjure myself or create undue matrimonial angst by sharing my perspective on the subject.