Friday, September 23, 2011

Bridge Pool

The more I poke around the more I see riverscapes changed by the double teaming storms of Irene and Lee. I didn't have time to fish last night but I did swing by a favorite Croton watershed stream on the drive home. I don't often fish this pool though it is likely the most popular on this stretch. I suppose this'll make casting a bit more challenging. I expect the highway department is going to take this tree out so that it doesn't hit the bridge during the next flood. The fisherman won't mind too much either.


  1. Wild stuff. Looks like a nice little spot.

  2. Saw it down, "Woody Debris"

    Several of my little waters have changed, most for the better though.

  3. Sanders: Yup, great piece of water though it's right in the heart of Westchester county so it gets heavy pressure; selective fish live there.

    Brk: Agreed. If it were downstream of the bridge it would probably be left alone. We'll see what the highway department does.

  4. Pity it isn't below the bridge; there's a hole there needs a fillin!

    How was the fishing?

  5. Didn't fish, just took a picture. I'll fish it sometime this week high water or no. I can't let the season slip away without getting on that water.