Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changeable Weather

I had been told to expect lousy weather on the Kvichak. Rain. Wind. Rainy Wind. Windy Rain.

We got lucky. Most of the rain fell at night and the few rainy days had plenty of non-rain in them as well. And the fish never seemed to mind the weather; except for Wednesday when they seemed to mind something and we blamed it on the weather.

Clearing storms and impending storms are often a good time to appreciate moving light and the changeable weather made for some amazing cloudscapes. I've captured a few below for your viewing pleasure. I had a lot of trouble editing this down to a few items so you'll just have to suffer with a few more than I might otherwise publish.

Big River, Big Sky

Stormy Morning
During most of the trip we were under this sort of heavy, gray sky.

Fog on Iliamna

Morning on the beach

Storm on the Horizon (it passed us by)

Evening on the beach

Forest Sunrise

Happy, Dry Clouds
This day was perfect! Sunny. Warm. Big, fluffy clouds. Fish on!

Tonight a storm
During most evenings the cloud cover built.

Geez, I don't know, make up your own caption.


Iliamna before lunch
From a high point on the Tundra. It was refreshing to be
looking down on water as opposed to being at water level.

Pike Pond (sans Pike)

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Technical Details for you photo wonks: All these photos were taken with a Canon 50D and an EF-S 17-55/2.8 lens. I had a polarizing filter on the lens most of the time and was auto-bracketing +/- 2/3 of a stop. Most of the photos I liked were -2/3 owing to a very bright sky and my desire to have good cloud detail. The relative underexposure adds some drama though at times muddies up the overall picture. Minimal post-production. Pretty much what you see came out of the camera except for the B&W and Sepia images. This was highly dependent on the artistic vision of yours truly. :-P And, of course, some amazing weather.


  1. Very beautiful pictures, Steve. Particularly liked the foggy boat shot.

  2. Thx, Jon. That foggy morning was very subdued. It seemed everyone was moving slow and surprisingly I was one of the first to the water. To be in such a big sky sort of country and have everything closed in like that was unusual.