Thursday, November 10, 2011

Salmon River Photos

I've got some words to write about the trip to the Salmon River, but for now I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Up Early


Warming Day

Frosty One

Bob with a fish on; hooked about 100 yards upstream.

A King that was far livelier that one would expect.

I never saw this one but he left his mark.

I was able to get my fly back off a snag after a King ran me around the pool for five minutes.

First fish.

Big Fish. Happy Bob (well, that's his happy look)

Much happiness on the Salmon River

Jon working the water hard.

Bill's actually happier than he looks. It's the nasty headcold that's holding back the joy.

Another shot of that Steelie I caught.

It really wasn't as crowded as it looks. Okay, it was.

Fish on!

Nah, Steve's not happy, he always looks that way.

Steelhead at first light


  1. Nice photos. The one called "Warming Day" is particularly good.

  2. T.J.: It was a spectacular morning. The fishing didn't pick up till later but the light and landscape filled in where the fishing had left a void.

  3. Nice Steve. My head should return sometime next week.

  4. Well done...looks like one hell of a good time. Cheers!

  5. E.J.: Yeah, I have that problem too.

    Sanders: Thx, It was wonderful!

  6. Try spraying WD-40 on your guides. It will keep the ice out of them. Same for your reel. Nothing worse than hooking into a big fish and having your reel freeze up!

  7. AWF: Thx for the tip. Does that affect stuff affect the fly line at all?

  8. Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing the photos. Were you there during the middle of the week or weekend? Does it make a difference you think in how crowded it gets?

  9. Deadbait: We were there Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It was definitely more crowded on the weekends though there was no shortage of anglers on Monday as well. At least on Monday if you weren't actively fishing "your" spot you didn't have a couple of guys waiting to pounce into it.

  10. I've only been up a handful of times, but when we've walked we've found relative, and sometimes complete, solitude.