Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Sips: Fire in the Hole & the Stone Age

The White Salmon free at last
(photo from White Salmon Restored)
  • A fantastic wicked cool video of the Condit Dam removal; better vantage point, higher quality and some awesome time lapse footage. I love watching this thing go off as much for the pure joy of blowing shit up as for the restoration of the flows for this stream. Let's blow up more dams!
  • The town said they hope to have all the streets clear by noon on Wednesday. Apparently that's when the bulk of the power restoration begins. Since we're off on the fringes of town on the wrong side of the tracks (though we would argue differently) my guess it's gonna be some time. Praise the Lord and pass the fuel can.


  1. Whoa. That video was mind-blowing (no pun intended). Seriously.

    Also, I was down there, practicing my line mending. Very challenging, indeed.

  2. I only fish the White Salmon at under 100,000 cfs. When it gets up to this level us experienced White Salmon anglers refer to it as "toilet bowl" conditions.

  3. You just need to add more tin. You'll see.