Monday, October 31, 2011

What a crap ass weekend

Getting ready for the storm on Saturday, I headed off to the hardware store just as the snow was starting so I could get some supplies for an oil change on the generator. While I was there the storm just opened up. By the time I was coming back down the hill to the house there were two inches of slushy snow on the road.

I had actually fantasized about fishing this weekend. Sure we were getting a freak winter storm but it's friggin' October, how bad could it be? Maybe a quick trip before the storm or a trip Sunday afternoon after the snow melts. I was a bit concerned that the snow melt would cool the water and put the fish down, but I wasn't there exclusively for the fish but also for some time on the river. I was delusional.

Unfortunately, the hill got the best of me.

Regardless my creeping pace, gravity took over and provided Sam and I with a thrilling ride to an abrupt stop where the road turns. We're both fine. The car will need some attention. The wrecker should be dragging it out of the woods this morning.

One more thing to add to the pile.

We received about eight to ten inches of heavy wet snow and listened all night as the trees snapped and crackled and thudded to the ground. Some of those breaks sounded like automatic weapons fire followed by a crisp snap and a thud. Others went off like small explosions with the same terminal result.

No power is likely for days though the aforementioned generator is purring away providing some semblance of normalcy. We went for more gasoline last night and swung into the Mobil station. I wondered if they were open. The lights were on but there was only one car at the pumps. They only had high octane gas available but we weren't particular; we gladly paid the extra thirty cents a gallon. By the time we stopped pumping our ten gallons, every bay was full and there were a dozen cars in line waiting to fuel up. Timing is everything. At least we've got enough gasoline to get us through the next day, possibly two.

With the generator, at least there's heat and water and some of the other amenities. Internet service provided by the cell phone was spotty yesterday but seems to be functioning normally today. The neighborhood looked like a war zone yesterday but most of the blasted trees have been moved aside so at least the roads are passable.

Steelheading next weekend. Looking forward to it.

I guess this is what insurance is for.


  1. Dang. Yeah, we had one of those snow-storms out here last week...leaves still on the trees, lots of damage, lots of power outages. Here's to a better weekend, next, eh?

  2. Not the fishing car?!??

    Power back here in Guilford. You chaps took the worst, it seems. Ye shall catch several oversize steel for your toils.

  3. E: I'll drink to that

    EJ: yup, the same. Got a look at the damage when they pulled it out today. Didn't look too bad but until the body shop gets a look at it we won't know. Rented a Yukon for the weekend courtesy of my insurance company. Should be able to haul all the necessary and unnecessary crap we'll bring.

  4. Glad you and the boy are no worse for wear, naturally.

    Yukon gold.

  5. Airbags! Yikes.

    Honestly, that looks a *nice* car, which might be your first mistake. Put my 200,000 mile, 1990 Bronco into the woods, and instead of calling a wrecker, you simply prop a road flare under the gas tank and voila! -- no repair issues and you eventually get a check from the insurance company.

    Two Februaries ago we had one of those wet snowstorms followed by a cold snap and high winds, and our power was out for four days. In the forest service tree plantation up the road, some exposures suffered 40% tree losses -- the pine trees all snapped 30 feet above the ground.

    Laying in bed listening to that happen made the word "surreal" seem inadequate....

  6. Tom: It's my fishing car, but in a pampered, borderline effeminate way. My ass needs to be heated on cold days and I need a comfy seat on a five plus hour run to Pulaski.

    The insurance adjuster called today. Their opening estimate was $15K of damage. Not too far from a total loss. Crap, I like that car.