Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Sips: Ordnance & Tchotchkes

  • Tom provides a video of explosive aided dam removal on the Elwha. Of course, this is in line with my previous point of view on dam removal. Tom has pre-announced the formation of the Take 'Em Out with B-17s Foundation. Look for details in the near future. If anyone knows someone with a B-17 and other surplus ordnance, please contact either of us.
  • You may have missed this, but I was recently recognized for my contributions to the Orvis Company. Instead of a citing my many accomplishments* and hosting a banquet and presenting me with a martial arts-sized trophy, they opted for randomly selecting my name from a list of commenters on their website and sending me an Orvis Wool Blend Beer Cozy. Very understated in an Orvis LifestyleTM  sort of way.
Forget the cozy, I scored a Phil Monahan

*Well, there were in fact no accomplishments. But that's just quibbling.