Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Sips: Late Edition

This should probably be titled the Quick Sips: Mike Sepelak Edition. Reading a bit over lunch, I realized a couple more items should have made it into today's Quick Sips.
  • Go read this. When OBN held their TU writing contest I thought I stood a chance (you may recall I didn't even garner an honorable mention) until I read Mike's stuff. He's got talent and displays it again in his most recent story.
  • Another piece Mike wrote yesterday was about how time is relative. He cited how time slows in those moments when your foot slips whilst wading and you know you're going for a swim; been there. I have just the opposite experience when nymph fishing. When I hook a fish while nymphing I can rarely recall the take; that dodge or dip in the indicator. Dry fly takes replay themselves endlessly in slow motion all the time. But for nymphing, it's as if my brain fast forwards past that event right to the tight line and the shake of a trout. Strange.
  • Outdoor Blogger Network's Birthday -- yeah, that's where I first encountered Mike's writing (fie on him). They're a year old this week. My curmudgeonly self wants to dismiss the whole thing as a front for marketeers and sales guys trying to make quota. But their partnership with TU on the Montana event (which I did not win) and recently on the Bristol Bay writing prompt redeem them. They're still working on the model but I think the blend of Sales & Marketing (you have to pay the bills), community, and partnerships like TU are going in the right direction. Who knows, maybe a split shot review opportunity will come up and I can shill for Thill.

"....shill for Thill..." I crack myself up.

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