Saturday, October 22, 2011

Estaz Dizcovery

Introduzing the San Estaz WurmTM, the Estaz Urth WurmTM, and the Estaz HellzgrammiteTM


San Estaz Wurm

Estaz Hellzgrammite

Estaz Urth Wurm

Love, don't hate.

Do you think I've spent too much time with the Estaz?


  1. I wish that I had that pink worm today! Great job.

  2. Damsel: Yes, looking forward to giving that one a try.

  3. I think your dressings are far too complicated as is. You should knot the Estaz directly to the hook shank and douse it with superglue. While you're at it, go to Wal-Mart and buy a package of generic bait holder hooks to tie on! Those little barbs on top will help anchor the Estaz down... ;)

  4. Impressive! I used to think that freshwater flys with 3 steps or less were cool. Yagottaluvit!

  5. Ben: You have the experience and vision that I lack. I have clearly over complicated the design.

    JJP: With Ben's improvements technically this fly has one step cause you don't have to count the gluing step.