Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Rainbow Trout & The Green Drake: A Christmas Fable

There once was a Rainbow Trout who lived tight against an undercut stairwell. He lurked there for most of the year growing fat on the things that Rainbow Trout grow fat on and dreaming dreams that only a Rainbow Trout can dream. Mostly he finned in the currents that swirl beneath the stairs.

Not far from the lair of the Rainbow Trout lived the fabled Green Drake Hummingbird nymph. This large burrowing nymph scurried and munched and grew and dreamed of someday being a beautiful Green Drake Hummingbird.

Once a year, when the combination of temperature and light are just right, the Trout moves higher in the column to lurk near the stream-side shrubbery waiting for a morsel to eat.

The nymph also senses the changing of the season and rises quickly from the bottom emerging as a beautiful Green Drake Hummingbird.

Newly emerged, the Green Drake Hummingbird flutters on the surface. While she hopes to someday find a mate and raise a family, her immediate thoughts are on drying her wings and figuring out how to use the damn things to fly to the safety of the stream-side shrubbery.

Deep below the Rainbow Trout senses the distress of the newly emerged Green Drake Hummingbird and turns towards the movement. Moving swiftly past the glowing globes and blobs of red the Rainbow Trout closes on the Hummingbird who is full of the peace and love and hope that can only be found in the Christmas season.

Eat well this weekend. Be safe. Be Merry.

Fluttering helplessly the Green Drake Hummingbird attracts the attention of the Rainbow Trout


  1. Who posts at 4:00 am?

    Anyway, I bought a standing rib roast yesterday that cost more than several of my fly reels. I shall eat well (for days).

    Have a good one, Z.

  2. Food a plenty, ginger ale flowing freely.

    Seasons Greetings Steve to you and yours.

  3. T.J.: Sounds perfect. We're going with a beef tenderloin. I can't wait!

    Brk: The many blessing of the season to your family as well. Forget the Sugar Plum fairies, we we're dreaming of native char dancing at the end of the line.

  4. I'll be concocting a crock-pot chowder here shortly...then out to cut a 70 ft. pine. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Steve! Cheers!

  5. E: Chowder. Yummy. A 70 ft Pine! You mountain folk sure are ambitious. Hope you and Jay have a great holiday.