Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick Sips: A little of everything

Been superbly underwater between work, TU, and seventh grade math. No time for writing, sorting through the photos I took last weekend or even day dreaming about fishing (okay, that last one was a lie).

Hopefully next week will lend itself a little better to some proper blogging. Until then:
  • Stunning story from Florida about a kayaker rescuing a dog at sea. First saw this on the TU. Sadly, that's not the real tragedy. You can read a bit more about the full story.
  • The Back Country Journal continues to bring new writers to it's stable. David Knapp writes about fishing the Cicada Hatch Cicadas. Who knew?
  • For those of you who fish the Farmington River, there are new regs. A handy schematic helps you figure out the new regs
  • Singlebarbed provides insight into the Fourth Dimension (i.e. the freedom and expression that comes with knowing there’s nothing special about a fly pattern) of flytying.
  • Another Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast is out: If you're new to fly tying this season there are some helpful hints to setting up your desk

At least the water ain't solid!

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  1. Tough story about the dog...however, seeing something good come from it makes it a little easier...