Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: Monomaster

Things are slowing down fishing wise and it's the time of year when I take a look at my gear, clean what needs to be cleaned, replace what needs to be replaced and generally dream about new stuff to buy.

One of the things that I purchased last year around this time was the monoMaster. It's a $15 piece of gear that is, to me, necessary for all of us to use. Sure you can use your pockets to store odd bits of mono, but this thing works better and constantly reminds me not to drop little bits of mono all over the place.

The monoMaster Review

Monomaster Product Review from Sipping Emergers on Vimeo.

A note on this review: I purchased the Momomaster myself and have used it while fishing a variety of rivers over the past year. No one paid me to write this or influenced the words I wrote in any way. If you have any comments on this review feel free to write them on the outside of a package containing a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS USM AF Lens and send it to me via overnight mail


  1. I'm tempted to tell you to F off, but you're just too nice a guy (and so am I!) :-)

    That's the great thing you share with Chandler, and indeed with the Man of Steel; when you say a "couple of bucks" you really mean $15, right?

  2. You are a testy Bonnie, ain't ya?

    You're right, when I did the video I had $5 in my mind. When I looked it up on the web is was $12-$15 which is what I disclosed in the text above cause I'm one of those honest, straight-talking types; still think its worth it

    Regardless, I won't tell you to F off either for the very same reasons. :-)

    Did you ever get out to the Salmon River? I spent the weekend overseeing a Septic Tank replacement. Good fun.

  3. Sure, you can use pockets, but why bother when you can buy this for 15 bucks?

    It is gold, dear fellow. Purest gold!

    No steel. I and my family stayed home for Pukefest 2011 instead. Almost as much fun as watching a septic install, they say.

  4. EJ: Sorry to hear about Pukefest.

    Dan: Yes it is. And it's only fifteen bucks.

  5. Damn Steve. For only 7 bucks I would have written "Don't drop bits of mono everywhere" on your fishing vest, so you wouldn't forget.

    Come to think of it, I might decorate my vest right now.

  6. I know. I thought of asking you but I wasn't sure about your availability given that it's the time of year when your Steelhead expertise is in high demand on the lecture circuit.

    Upon reflection, I think a duct tape bracelet would be almost as good as the monoMaster. Perhaps you could feature such a device in your next episode of T.J.'s Tips.

  7. A duct tape bracelet may do the trick, but for a "few" bucks, this thing looks like a pretty good thing to have on the water with you.

  8. I have the Monomaster and love it. It's a great place not only for tag ends, but also the mono left behind by bait fishers. I always try to pack out more than I pack in! One of the problems of putting mono in your vest, pocket, bag, etc. is that when you pull something else out of that place, you often dump the mono. The Monomaster prevents that. Makes a great stocking stuffer, too!

  9. I it culvert?

  10. It is six and a half minutes long. It is mortuary.

  11. GS: I'll have to put it in my Scottish friends stockings next year.

    Sam: No.

    EJ: I'll try and be more considerate of your time in the future.

  12. One man's fragmites is another's phragmites.