Friday, February 24, 2012

The National Map

The USGS has some invaluable tools for anglers. The streamflow gauges are something that I use to divine what the flows will be like on upcoming trips. And I've long downloaded topo maps to scope out blue lines, especially when I'm going to new locations.

The USGS maps division has now digitized a lot of it's content and now that's available via the National Map Viewer. Think of it as the Google Maps of all the USGS Map stuff. Not quite a slick and fast as Google Maps but it's a whole lot more detailed and has tons of information.

The full map

A topo map overlay. None of those rivers hold fish

You can zoom in to "normal" topo map scale

Also, don't miss the historic maps collection.

1930 Map of Long Pond
None of those streams hold fish either.


  1. Love it. They remind me of the old Ordnance Survey maps from back home - I still have a collection. Now if you'll be kind enough to get some charts for the local salt we can all go kayaking (soon).