Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fill Er Up!

A start
I don't have to many details about the Yellowstone trip. I know where I have to be on the 24th of July and I have my airline tickets purchased. I guess the rest will be sorted out by our hosts: TU, Simms, OBN, & YPF.

One purpose of this trip is to ply the angle and for that I'll need some flies.

I'll bring the regular boxes that contain every standard offering of nymph and dry, though I must check the boxes thoroughly as I didn't get them quite as full as I wanted to this past winter.

In addition, I'm going to lay in a supply of larger flies that are commonly fished out west during the summer. Chris' guidance was for Stimulators,Royal Coachmen, Adams', and Hoppers. I'll have to add some ants to the mix as well. And maybe a couple of streamers.

So here's the first pass at a tying list (Four of each size)

Stimulators: 8,10,12
Royal Coachman 8,10,12
Parachute Adams 10,12,14
Hopper 8,10 (I may buy these...we'll see)
Black Ants 10,12
Yellow Bugmeisters 8,10
Orange Bugmeisters 8,10
Olive Buggers 8,10
Black Buggers 8,10
Brown Buggers 8,10
And a handful of articulated streamers in Black, Olive, Yellow 8.

And I've got to go look in the nymph box to see where the gaps are.....

So that's more than eighty flies. It seems like the right combination of sufficiently ambitious and slightly delusional so that when I fall short I won't be too disappointed.

The Yellowstone Box: oddball PMXs and Bugmeisters I had hanging around plus a mouse!


  1. Jealousy aside, I think you've pretty well got it covered. Keep us posted Steve, it will make the ache go away...eventually.

    1. I am familiar with that ache. Last year's contest was a disappointment.

      Yeah, I'm happy to be tying large flies though I'm sure that provides its own challenge. Most of what I fish is anything from a #14 to a #20.

  2. You must tie a size 10 Bomber. I know it will produce for you.

  3. I see you packed your shaving brush.

    1. I don't need it for shaving so I figured it might work with a hook in it. I'm gonna need a ten weight to cast the damn thing - the porcelain bowl is HEAVY.