Friday, June 8, 2012

You must read these guys

This stuff isn't free, it's old school paid for writing. There are two stories in the most recent editions of The Drake and Gray's that I thought were just plain excellent and worth reading.

In the July 2012 Gray' Sporting Journal, read "Beneath the Willow Tree" by Reid Bryant. It's a powerful short essay about an unlikely Massachusetts Brook Trout Stream. "Mine is a landscape of little fish", it opens. Simply fantastic.

The other gem is "The Secret Lives of Salmon and Gangsters" by Chris Hoke in the Spring 2012 issue of The Drake. It's a touching moving nice Fuck it. It's a true story about gangsters and salmon and the hope of redemption. It's good. Read it.


  1. I read both when they came in the mail. Both good, I agree.

  2. Did you stand in your back yard to take that shot? [Fair warning: This question has heavy connotation for your sanity, relative sobriety, sanity, potential to be female, and probably much more.]