Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peanut Envy

I have streamers on the brain; articulated streamers

I fished the Deerfield on Saturday with the Harrison brothers. The fishing was good on articulated streamers. Those that nymphed, my boys, did less well.

Olive, articulated streamers. Gotta tie some.

And yellow too. The Housy trout like yellow. With a bit of orange.


  1. Hogging articulated streamers and leaving your boys to "do less well" is not very nice. I am concerned about your karma. I have heard sharing articulated streamers with like minded fisher people is an excellent method of generating good karma. Especially yellow, with a bit of orange.

    1. Tough love will help them grow strong. And I've been known to share.

  2. Yeah, but is this still fly fishing?

    And: the large chrome trout of the north like articulated nymphs. Small ones with wiggly bottoms. Like an extended flash-back PTN or dasmel fly. Can you make (bring) some of those?

    Thank you.