Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seeds of Spring

The first hard frost has come prematurely crimping the growing season at an abrupt end. The wildflowers are gone too, mostly; gone to seed.

Tomorrow it will be seventy degrees. The weather pretends that the season hasn't changed but we know it's just a ruse. More of the same is in order. Sweaters are out of boxes hanging on the backs of chairs, ready at hand.

Like most cycles, the end of this one just sets up the next.

There are tiny flies on the water now. It's the start of good Blue Wing Olive weather and thread on small hooks below CDC puffs catch fish and test the limits of eyesight and tippet.

Looking forward, the season of large flies isn't too far off and deep below the stream's surface last spring's spinner's seed is already preparing the next generation of hatch.

It's coming.

We only have to wait it out.


  1. Replies
    1. Thx Kierran. Even when things are racing towards the uniform gray of winter, there's still something to be seen.

  2. Add a little frost to those forms, and wow.
    Well done.

  3. Winter is trying hard to get here, but we're still experiencing 70's & 80's too.

  4. Amazing pictures. Wow. really fantastic, bravo!

    1. Thanks, man. I guess we're all our worst critics -- I relook at them and I'm finding things I would have done differently, especially on that last one. But then, it was a nice walk through the fields on a fine fall afternoon.

  5. Bertrand Russell said that what we write is never as good as we hope, and never as bad as we fear... ^_^
    I can see why the last one would give you afterthoughts, but the series has a great sense of color, composition is excellent, really a good job (said the guy green with envy).