Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flats Mud

Got out again last night with Sam, Jonny and Bob. A late tide meant we were fishing after dark under the sliver of a moon. Spooky and peaceful all at the same time.

Not big numbers but the fisher were all bigger. Everyone got into fish. More later.

For now, mud.

Evidence on the driveway of a successful stroll across sandy & muddy flats.


  1. Sandy Driveway, Striper Thumb, and Weary Head. All good signs of spring.

  2. Careful now, you're going to get addicted.

    BTW, nice piece in the recent Drake. Glad to see your byline.

    1. Yeah, the slope does feel a bit slippery. I find myself consulting tide charts. What can that mean?

      Thanks for the nod for the Drake piece.

  3. Your mud is prettier than my mud!