Monday, April 29, 2013

Signs of Spring

I've been too busy with work, Trout Unlimited, writing (new work), family this past week to get some reasonable words on this page. Hopefully some pictures will suffice.

Signs of spring from my neck of the woods.

Jonny tells me the correct scientific name for this flowering shrub, is Stripersarein Fishtheoutgoingtonight

We lost all the magnolia blossoms last year to a hard frost as soon as they blossomed. Nature is a cruel mistress.

I like the idea of my kids participating in team sport but I'm glad this ritual holds no longer in our household.
I think the second baseman should turn around before she gets beaned by this ball.
Opening Day. I don't fish it. Especially at the "Trout Park". They should call it the "Butcher Shop".
Sharing a rod, Sam and I cast for a few hours on an outgoing tide with much luck.
Watched a pod of stocked trout tasting everything that passed on the surface
Fished a wild brook trout stream with a few buddies. Found lots of perfect Brookies. Some larger than this.


  1. Love the name on the yellow flower. A big follower of kids baseball. Watch the LL World Series every year. And opening day would be combat fishing at it's finest.

    1. Since I was introduced to Striper fishing the blooming of forsythia have taken on a whole new meaning.

  2. Nice pics! Love the brook trout.

    1. I'll post some additional Brook Trout photos when I get a chance to write a bit. They're lovely in this stream.

  3. That brookie is a perfect little gem- cant wait to see more of those photos!

  4. Stripers longer than your arm! Brook trout smaller than your pinky!

    Variety. Spice. Life.