Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Das Boots

I long ago made the switch to rubber soled boots. I buy the anti-invasives pitch, especially that cleaning a felt sole is a whole lot harder than cleaning a rubber sole. I still own a pair of Orvis Henry's Fork boots with a felt sole. When my go-to boots are drying (after being cleaned) I'll use the old Henry's Forks for a fishing trip so as not to risk invasive transport. Of course, I'm doubly careful about when and where I wear the Henry's Forks. Usually only to streams that are known believed to be scourge free.

The other night I wore them when I caught The Nose. Every time I put on the rubber soled boots I feel like Herman Munster. Wearing the felt soled Henry's I feel like a ballerina. I think the real joy of felt, aside from the light weight, is how the feel of the bottom is easily communicated through the sole. Rubber boots by comparison are dead.

I bought a new pair of back-up boots this evening. Big, rubber soled monstrosities. I considered some of the "lightweight" models but I killed my last pair of lightweights pretty quickly. I'm not easy on gear and I need something robust. I'm gonna miss these lightweight boots when they finally kick.

Maybe there's hope. I've gotta find my tube of Aquaseal.


  1. Good thoughts.

    Fix and repair to the extreme.
    I do.

  2. I've only worn rubber sole boots so I have nothing to compare to. Maybe not a bad thing.

  3. Those look brand new compared to Ken's boots from Waterdog Journal.

    1. I'm only willing to go so far with loyalty to gear. Others will go further. :)