Sunday, May 19, 2013

Writing for the Tongass

Last summer I was lucky enough to make a trip to Yellowstone National Park to participate in the 2012 Blogger Tour sponsored by TU, Simms, Yellowstone Park Foundation and the Outdoor Blogger Network. If I were to say that this event changed my life, I would be greatly exaggerating. However, it did open some very interesting doors that have changed my writing. It also gave me an opportunity to experience and write about the critical conservation work going on at Yellowstone National Park.

Perhaps most importantly, I met some extraordinary people and made lasting friendships. In fact, as I write this I'm sitting in the Charlotte International Airport waiting for a flight home after spending a weekend fishing with Marc Payne and Mike Sepelak, two previous Blogger Tour winners. Perhaps this fall I'll wander off to Idaho to fish with Chris, Rebecca and Bruce.

This year the Blogger Tour is going to the Tongass in Alaska. It is an extraordinary landscape of sea, mountains and rivers that is, among other things, the source of epic Salmon runs. This important resource is currently unprotected and TU is working with partners to gain watershed-level protection for the Tongass. Winners of this year's tour will get to fish epoc salmon runs get a chance to see first-hand the resource and the work TU is doing.

Entries for the contest are due by May 22nd. If you have a blog, have a passion and talent for writing about conservation, and can get yourself to Juneau, Alaska by July 15th, I encourage you to enter.

This is not my entry for the Blogger Tour. But if I could enter, I would.

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