Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Review (of sorts): The Alaska Chronicles

Back in 2007, Miles Nolte, under the handle "Gaper" posted his experience as a second year fly fishing guide in Alaska on The Drake's forum. That collection of stories, thoughts and rants has now been compiled into a book, The Alaska Chronicles.

I've always been interested in the idea of being a fly fishing guide though I appreciate the reality is far different than any fantasy one might have about the profession. Long days. Idiot "sports". Uncooperative fish. Broken equipment. Annoying co-workers.

Of course, the view from the office is generally more inspiring that the one most of us have every day.

The book is a great read and well worth the purchase price. I think I got through it in a day so it's definitely in the "quick read" category.

I would have liked this booked better if he had supplemented his original writings about "what he did today" with some inside facts about the trade. For example, does he have to bring his own rods and reels or does the lodge supply that? How'd he train for this line of work? That sort of stuff gives some context to the brutal grind that he documents so well in the book.

Anyway, I recommend you get a copy.

On my bookshelf: The Alaska Chronicles: An Unwashed View of Life, Work, and Fly Fishing

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