Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walking by the water

Walked by the Housy today with Ann and Ripley. It was a trail that I'd not been on before but one that was rumored to have some pretty water. That rumor I can confirm. The water looked very trouty though in this locale the stream looses a bit of it's riffle-run-pool structure and becomes a broader, hard-to-read (at least for me) expanse of water.

I fished a bit as we walked though there was not so much as a hint of a trout to be had. Of course, there were ample consolations for the lack of trout. There was deeper conversation than our normal transient lives afford. I watched a goofy, four year old lab finally begin to figure out that water ain't so bad. I smoked a fine cigar and had a nip of the Highlands' best while admiring Autumn's splendor.

Fall in New England. Simply, splendid.

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