Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keep the water where it belongs

The waters of our state are abused in all manner of ways by everyone from the divine (Lord, would it have killed you to send us a little rain this summer) to the mundane.

Comstock Brook one mile downstream of the water company. Upstream it flows robustly.

Unlike the west where a majority of the water goes to big interests -- agriculture, power, flood control -- in the east it just gets used up a bucketful at a time. Despite the economic climate, pressure continues on our small river habitat as housing developments, golf courses and other human endeavors tap into our surface and ground water.

The State of Connecticut is working diligently to revise its stream flow regulations in this important area though slowly but surely water companies and business interests are using the excuse of the poor economic environment as a reason to slow or halt action in this area.

If you live in CT, get involved. Write your reps to move the ball in the correct direction.

A must read report from Trout Unlimited: The Future of Water In New England

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