Monday, January 17, 2011

Sanity Partially Restored.

As Jon pointed out yesterday afternoon a day of fishing can't really restore one's sanity but it sure helps create progress in the right direction. Today, we visited the analyst's couch which is the Upper Farmington Trophy Trout Area to plumb the depths of our insanity a popular pool to see if our psyche trout were there. Well, they were. They just didn't come out to play.

A little after noon Jon and I met in Pleasant Valley and then drove upstream to meet John who was already on the water and, apparently, is the only John in our group who knew how to correctly spell his name. He reported that the water was chilly, the fish were elsewhere and that he was wearing one layer too few. Forewarned, we layered up. At thirty-degrees or so the air was about the same temperature as the water and was particularly mild for this time of year.

We worked a popular pool and the runs upstream and downstream for about three hours. I had a fish on briefly. It was one of those serendipitous things that happened while I was BSing. Jon was standing by changing flies I was only paying half attention. Poor hook-set, loose line, fish off. It was either a #16 Copper John or a #20 midge. My guess is the midge.

We did see two rising fish or maybe the same fish rising twice, in two different spots. Your guess is as good as mine as to what he was rising to though I did see a few, as in three, midges in the air. Jon taunted him with a parachute Adams without any response. I had only nymphs in my pockets having left the fly vest in the car and opting for a minimalist approach.

All in all a good day on the water. Two cigars smoked. Two friends with which to share a glorious day. And, sanity is beginning to creep back into view.

My San Juan friend went untouched

Jon fishing upstream

This was right about the time I lost a fish.

John looking for good water downstream

Farmington River, Glorious Winter Day

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