Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Sipping Emergers?

Over on the Passinthru blog the question was asked, "Whats in a name anyway?". Basically, how'd you come up with the name for your blog? Well, below is the reason I chose Sipping Emergers.
The website's title, Sipping Emergers, relates to one my favorite mental images of our sport. It's an image of a glassy pool. It's twilight in the summer. The air is cooling. I've rolled down my shirtsleeves after a warm afternoon in the sun and swapped my sunglasses for regular glasses so I can peer into the gathering shadows. There's no visible hatch, no duns sailing on the water, although there might be a few bugs in the air. I'm hoping for a spinner fall. Off along the far bank, almost too far to cast to, a gentle ring forms on the water in the break between two overhanging mountain laurel shrubs. The smooth water looks black in the shadows and the ripples are edged in silver. The ring appears at regular intervals and is quickly erased by the gentle, yet persistent, current.  Perhaps those rings are formed by a piscine snout but more likely by the dorsal fin or tail of a trout as it lazily takes emergers just below the surface. I cast. And hope.

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