Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Spey

Self satisfied after two days of Spey (and no fish)
Sunday I could not Spey.

By Tuesday, I could Spey (11ft, 8wt switch rod, Skagit head for those interested in particulars)

Am I a Spey Expert? Not yet.

Though I did cast C Speys and Downstream Pokes for two consecutive days and got fairly proficient at swinging flies to unwilling fish, I clearly have a loooong way to go. No one would think me the expert.

That is unless you've never spey cast yourself, nor seen a spey cast, nor have anyone with which to compare my spey casting. In that case, to you, I am an expert. I could even give you a lesson (the first one is free). Maybe I could even make a DVD though DVDs are so old school and perhaps I should stream my mad skilz live on the intertubes. Custom Spey Rods? No doubt I could whip up a few of those too.

Anyhow, I'll post a full report of my casting instruction from Loren Williams and fishing on the Salmon River and the Sandys in the next few days.


  1. I'm looking forward to your first article!

  2. If only I had not caught fish on flies I had personally tied. That would have opened up whole new avenues of expertise.

  3. True, but people also need to learn to not catch fish on flies others have tied.

    I look forward to your first article!

  4. Great trip. Great food. Great car. Expert Spey caster :-) Too delighted to be sarcastic (Really? No).

    Count down to November.


  5. November. Too damn far away. Need some Stripers tugging on the line. That'll help.