Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick Sip: Brayshaw speaks on Steelhead

I always knew TJ Brayshaw was an expert on carp though truth be told I think he took credit for much of English Jonny's ground breaking work in the field.

I've never fished for Steelhead. Tonight I'm driving north to a local "Great Lake" to see if I can find a fish or two. At a minimum, I'd like to learn to cast an 8 wt rod without looking too much like a doofus. I've hired a guide and Youtubed a whole bunch of experts. I'm about as well prepared as one can be and fully delusional about my chances of success.

Fortunately I've discovered another expert on the matter, TJ Brayshaw hisself! Give a read to his enlightening expert advice on the subject. And you call also read his expert responses to reader's questions.

Hopefully I too can become an expert Steelheader this week.

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