Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My little gift to you

Not fishing related.

Not really worth watching at all.

But I wasted four minutes of my life watching this and I can only balance that out karmically if you spend four minutes watching it.

Warning: It's awful. But like earthquake, train wreck and carp fishing videos, you can't help but watch it.

It's G rated and harmless (at least harmless as compared to didymo or zebra mussels).

I did start tying some "Bergman" style wets last night. Hope to have something to share in the next few days.

Update: I consider this fair play. Chandler struck me blind by posting the trout lips thing. (you clicked on it, didn't you? And now you're scarred too). It's only fair that I get to strike you deaf by posting this monstrosity.


  1. Dude...you need to go a fishin.....

  2. YOU KNOW IT!!!!! I called Tom Harrison. If we wash out on the Salmon, they have boats available for a trip on the Deerfield. So, we've got a firm Plan B in place.

  3. No way you're laying the blame for this video at my feet.

  4. No, but I figured since I was blind I might as well be deaf as well.