Saturday, June 11, 2011

Local Waters -- The Movie!

Last weekend I spent some time with the camera I got from on one of my favorite small streams trying to capture what it is about these streams that I like so much. I've had a small stream essay rolling around in my head for a bit and thought it might be a good opportunity to both get this thing out onto paper (metaphorically speaking) and show a unique type of fishing to the folks who visit

Well, this was more of a challenge than I originally thought. First, video taping yourself can be a frustrating. Especially when you find out that the Pentax Optio's video is nowhere near HD quality. This was Survivorman-like taping and I have some great shots where I'm only half on the screen. Artistic, but not the thing I was going for. I eventually figured it out and fortune smiled on me when Ann joined me later in the day to help with the camera work.

Once the video taping was done it was quite a trick to get it all edited together and then dub over the essay. The TakeMeFishing rules limit video submissions to ninety seconds and it's only when you try to read something that you realize how short a period of time ninety seconds really is. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite and then edit, edit, edit.

Finally, ninety-seconds of material.

I'll leave it to you to tell me if it's any good.

I'll eventually write the longer form of the essay. While the video version scratched the itch, there's more than ninety seconds of tape sitting on my mental cutting room floor.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Fantastic! I really enjoyed watching that. Way to balance beam that downed tree.

    -Ben B.

  2. Thx, Ben & T.J.

    Ben, I figure if I made it, it would make an interesting addition to the video, if I didn't, it would be great for the blooper reel.

  3. Liking those shorts.

    Lovely film Z.

  4. What?! You mention the shorts but not the muscular calves? I've been working on those calves for years! :)

    Thx Jon.

  5. Your video reminds of a documentary I once saw made in the 40s. Some guy roughing it in Alaska. He shot and directed the whole thing. It wasn't done like todays documentaries with a camera crew following the subject around. This guy was alone in the remote wilderness, so every shot would start with him walking into frame and away from the camera that he just set up.

    Fun to watch...

  6. Very nice. Love the cast and hook up segment. Now following.

  7. LWC -- thanks. It was a lot of fun to make.
    Colorado -- yeah, that was a heart breaker. He was a "monster" for this water which means he was probably all of ten inches long. But I'm sure he was a wild gem.

  8. Well done Steve.
    A short clip, but it say's so much.