Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's next, seat belt laws?

If you fish a river of any size this time of year you have to contend with all manner of floating humans - kayakers, canoeists, tubers, and I've even seen inflatable mattresses go by. I've been rammed by a canoe and heard all manner of horror stories. Some boaters are competent. Many barely so. And some are complete boobs. And precious few wear PFDs. I've seen empty boats go floating by and wondered how their occupants are faring. Out west, where the rivers are bigger and the snow pack melt makes them particularly unforgiving this time of year one can only wonder how many folks Darwin takes out on average.1

Be forewarned, that socialist extremists in the State of Washington think you should be denied your god given right to drown in raging torrents of water. They're requiring folks to wear something that might in fact save their lives. Cries of "big government" and "PFDs make me look fat"2 and "You can have my tube when you pry if from my cold, dead hands"3 rang about the council hall.

What's next, seat belt laws?

Fortunately there's an exemption for wading fisher persons and skin divers.4

1 - On average, three per year according to the article.
2 - I made this up.
3 - I made this up too.
4 - Skin divers wearing PFDs. That's funny.

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