Monday, June 13, 2011

A niche within a niche

It struck me the other day as I was reading a discussion about the fly fishing industry that it is clearly a niche business. Fishing with something other than a fly rod is the 800 pound gorilla of the sport of fishing.

Then within that group is the niche of fly fisherman who read fly fishing blogs (all of you)

And within that group are those that write blogs (me, some of you, maybe many of you)

Out of the seven billion folks on the planet how many is that in total?

A very small number.

Thanks to all of you who stop by each time I decide to write a bit.


  1. I always enjoy stopping by, and am glad to be counted in with the "very small number."

  2. i will always be here to read your blog!

  3. I actually just tuned into your blog, enjoyable reading.

    Brk Trt

  4. You say nich I say niche.

    I am collecting wood for the 26th. If you don't want us to read your blog, you'd better come.

  5. Thx guys for stopping by each time. Didn't mean this to be a downer, just an observation. I'd write this stuff if it were only me.

    Jon: The 26th you say? I like fire.

  6. One wag suggested that fly fishing was a "part time hobby filled with fulltime fools," but he was a golfer and probably meant it about golfers as much as fishermen.

    In truth, it is a tiny industry, though maybe an outsize one given the impacts we can have on on conservation issues.